Brew Crew Homebrew Off Rules

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Welcome to Bearded Bird Brewing’s: Brew Crew Homebrew Off

November 4th 2017


  • Winners will be given the chance to work with our brewers to brew their beer in house to be sold at the brewery.
  • Winners will be receive a payout based on the sale of their beer up to $1000
  • Winners retain ALL rights to their recipe, Bearded Bird Brewing does not retain recipes for re-sale without the brewers permission.

Who is eligible to enter?

  • Competition is open to any home-brewer within Virginia. Contestants will be considered as an individual entrant on the basis of person’s name appearing on the registration form. If more than one person helped brew the beer, everyone who assisted must be listed on your entry form. Team beers are acceptable, but the entrant must have been an active participant in the brewing process. Only one entry is allowed per registrant. Beers brewed in commercially licensed facilities are ineligible.

Brewing Categories

This competition is open to all styles except lagers,sours and goses due to brewery constraints. We encourage you to bring your most authentic, wild, and unique beers!!!. If you have any questions concerning brewery capabilities please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Entrance Fee

  • There is no entry fee but you must register online. There are only 30 available spots. Entry is first come first served. Only one entry per registrant will be accepted.

Online Registration

  • You must register online, please see registration link at the bottom of page.

Entry Requirements

  • Five to Ten gallons of the same brew must be entered for the public tasting.The more you brew the more people can taste, however all beers will be tasted by members for voting.
  • One entry allowed per ticket holder
  • Only beer may be entered. No mead, cider, or wine entries will be accepted. Lagers and Sours are also not eligible due to brewery constraints.
  • The beer must be home brewed to enter. No entries brewed at commercial facilities will be accepted.
  • You MUST be 21 to enter

Drop Off

  • Drop off will be at the brewery, between 10/30-11/4

Keg Requirements

  • Beers for public tasting must be kegged, if you need info on how to purchase or rent kegs please check out Homebrew USA. You must also provide keg tap, C02 and bucket for serving. Tasting glasses will be provided by the brewery.

Winners Selected

  • The top 12  beers chosen through popular vote will be the winners. Tasting for the competition will happen during an allotted time. Winners will be announced the same day.
  • Registered brewer must be present for tasting; if a team, one member listed on registration must be present.
  • Brewers will present their beers in a festival atmosphere and may answer questions and promote their beer to tasters.
  • Each taster will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite brew categories.

If interested in brewing please register here

Brew Crew Homebrew Off Registration

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